Oakville Area Real Estate - Falgarwood

As a neighborhood within Oakville, Falgarwood real estate is bordered by Trafalgar Road to the west, Upper Middle Road to the north and QEW to the east and the south.  The area is fairly new having been developed over the past 26 to 60 years. There are two distinct areas within Falgarwood.
West Falgarwood is primarily chosen by retirees and those approaching retirement age. Homes here are smaller and are generally owner occupied.

East Falgarwood is an area of two-income families with a solid sense of community. There are a variety of choices of Falgarwood homes for sale including condos overlooking Lake Ontario.
Many homes are within walking distance of Sheridan College. Cutting through Falgarwood, Morrison Valley helps to shape two diverse areas within this neighbourhood. Falgarwood real estate close to Trafalgar Road is an area of town houses and apartment buildings – some 15 stories. This is where the Oakville town hall is located. East of the valley is the older section of the city with homes that were built in the 1950s and 1960s. There are mainly two-story homes, split level, condos and bungalows in this section of Falgarwood. 
Residents of Falgarwood real estate are served by Falgarwood Schools. Included are four elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. A number of roads in the area provide access to highways, allowing travel to many areas. Upper Middle Road, 403 and 407 are routes providing access for travelers. Oakville Transit is the local public transportation and provides this area with access to Oakville Station as well as the Clarkson Station.
Choosing Falgarwood homes for sale provides buyers with a number of options when it comes to shopping and entertainment. As one of the many neighbourhoods within Oakville, each subdivision in the area enjoys the amenities provided by Oakville. Downtown Oakville is a commercial area while retaining the small village ambiance that is part of the charm of living here. There are over 350 businesses in downtown and only a few steps will take residents to Oakville Harbour. This is an area that has a rich history. The harbor is a major waterfront park and resident enjoy boating, skating and fishing. There are shops and restaurants and the historical museum at Erchless Estate.

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